Year 1 has been a special year for us. Having to start our architectural journey under unique conditions such as working remotely with limited access to studios and online lectures meant that we had to be creative.

From the very first design project, we had to push our imagination to the furthest to visualize and recreate the spatial composition of our sites and builds. This also included presenting using different mediums such as videos and animations in the digital realm, where we primarily worked in.

Being void of traditional studio spaces which is crucial for any new architectural student had its challenges, but it also presented new learning opportunities. We developed most of our drawings and technical components digitally while experimenting with different software. All of these experiences collectively helped us develop a wider and advanced methodology for design.

Through our works, you will get to see how we went from recreating a personal and sensorial experience to designing multi-users spaces that encompasses aspects such as sustainability, energy efficiency, and reusability.

Year Leader: Dimitra Ntzani
Deputy leader: Wes Aelbrecht
Technology Leaders: Ian Knight & Clarice Bleil De Souza
History and Theory leader: Wes Aelbrecht
Design Leaders: Dimitra Ntzani (Sem1) & Sam Clark (Sem2)
Atelier Leaders: Giorgio Talocci, Arjun Rajah, Josh Lewis & Kelwin Palmer

DP1 Cabinet of River Taff

DP2 Creative shelters

DP3 Kitchen Kiosk

DP4 Festival Stage