Composed Upon Palace St Theatre



History and Heritage Award - NOMINEE
- Kate Darby


Westminster, London, Greater London, England, SW1E 5JA, United Kingdom

Project Description

A Monument in 3 Acts.

“We are such stuff that dreams are made of.” and indeed the ‘stuff’ that we inhabit as humans is also built on dreams, and our dreams are built on what we remember. The urban artifact, the monument in it’s physicality represents a complex connection of past events and precedent. The human brain is an engine through which these ideas can become form. It is discovered that nature of memory does not discriminate between architecture, art and literature, in other words all these discipines can influence and comment on eachother. When designing memory does not discriminate between emotion and place; you do not experience only one facet of life at any one moment. The physicality of the monument allows it to be a locus for memory. Take Poets Corner, the locus for this design thesis. A collection of monuments created for individual poets. each monument can propel you to ‘rome’ if that is the memory evoked.

Simran Lall


M Arch 2