Introduction to 3D Modeling and Parametric Design



Computation and Innovation Award - NOMINEE
- Gianni Botsford Architects


Cardiff, Wales, CF, United Kingdom

Project Description

Inspired by Nature

The following portfolio shows works created during the Introduction to 3D Modeling and Parametric Design class for MSc Computational Methods in Architecture at Cardiff University. The projects selected for this book specifically were ones that were inspired, motivated, or partially designed, by nature.

This selected collection served as an artificial bridge between two (seemingly) opposing ideas: nature and technology. The “Inspired by Nature” theme of the portfolio also served for the author to connect to the natural world through the too flat, sometimes bright, and blue computer screen.

The goal of the portfolio is to showcase techniques and methods on how to create, design, and model complex architecture or shapes, with the aid of digital technology. It is important to point out, that the techniques shown are not “tutorials” exclusive to one software, but are concepts that are transferable across multiple platforms.

Andrea Mujica


MSc Computational Methods in Architecture

Hello! I graduated architecture school in the University of Panama in 2018 and have loved the idea of digital technology in architecture from very early in my career. During the master's degree, I have enjoyed the challenges of using scripting and algorithms to create and improve architecture. When I am not studying, you might find me doing sports, knitting or crocheting, reading, or finding a new coffee shop in town.