Butetown, Cardiff, Wales, CF, United Kingdom

Project Description

A Knowledge and Creation Hub

My thesis project investigates spatial configurations for the future of society and of knowledge. The technological era we are currently set in allows for a transition from an industrial society towards a knowledge-based society. The production and dissemination of knowledge is enabled by technology, but can space also enable knowledge? Set in Butetown, Cardiff, the project proposes the regeneration of an underused industrial area and allows for its transition and integration into the knowledge society. The site of production for the knowledge society is opening up new fields of interpretation and speculation, leading me to explore the spatial implications of this new type of society that is emerging. Acting as a knowledge and creation hub, Techne is meant to enable creative production and exhibition, while aiding the precarious creative and musical industries. The 20.000 sqm project integrates coworking spaces, workshops and makerspaces, art galleries, a concert hall and a visitor centre.

Ana Baltac


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