The Circularity

The Frontier Island

Angeline Ng

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Large research space

Using everything but the whistle of the leaves.

A research and education facility for the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act, constructed from waste timber and grown materials in Cardiff.

Thomas Bale

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The Harmony and Revival

Revitalising the contaminated land of past-gasworks site in Grangetown and establishing a responsible + self-sufficient community through integration of circular economy.

Junhyeon Song

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Unexpected Communities

Questioning Categories to Create Feminist Cities

Molly Nash

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Earth Up

An exploration of the potential use of raw earth as a building material through design adaptation to local climatic conditions.

Diana Belomorska

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Inhabiting The Boundary

Evie Dixon

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Construction waste management

Esther Onyekwere

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Bishop’s Palace Music Centre

Hub for music, education and leisure, all under one roof that wraps around the medieval walls.

Claudia Petre

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Questioning the Ambivalence of Urban Commons

The Adaptive Reuse Intervention At The Brains Brewery Site

Yapeng Wang

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Brick Arch & Green Facade

The Future of Urban Water

This thesis aims to make Kochi, India, a water-resilient city by equipping the community with the knowledge of off-grid technologies and circular economy.

Lina Muhammad

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View of Wellness Centre and Cultivation Facility across Friars Point, from Whitmore Bay

Seaweed Sanctuary

Barry Island Seaweed Cultivation Facility and Wellness Centre

Jordan Stephens

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Re-imagining Rurality

Land Access for Black and Minority Ethnic communities

Shoruk Nekeb

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The Hyperion Habitat

An adaptive and self-sustaining vertical hub for the Rohinga Refugees of Bangladesh.

Shamma Tasneem

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Project taster

Redefining productivity within suburban sites of consumption

How can value within suburban sites of consumption be redefined to create sites of social, economic and environmental resilience?

Josh Jones

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Terroir Centre For Regional Studies, Abergavenny

On this project, I aimed to create a building with an active social and environmental role.

Artunc Manavoglu

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