An Optimist's Guide to Life in Swansea in 2030

Imagining the adaptation, repurposing and rewilding of the existing Civic Centre in Swansea - addressing the challenge of how we deal with unwanted 20th century architecture.

Rhiannon Thomas

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This project reconnects the public to nature by encouraging interactions through leisure activities and observation. It repairs rural relationships by supporting community gathering through community ownership. It also works to preserve Britain’s native wildlife as a result of reintroducing important, lost habitats which will be cared for and maintained.

Forager's Gathering

Reconnecting with Nature, Forming Community Relationships and Preserving Native Wildlife.

Rachel Livesey

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Re-imagining a Collective Memory

An active collaboration of the local council and USW, focusing on the enlightenment of the local community regarding its industrial past, whilst strengthening the bonds between the situated town-gown.

Alice Vasiliki Pitsili

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Fragments & Frameworks

An Investigation into the Contamination of post-Industrial Landscapes.

Madeline Howell

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Restoring the Classroom - Equality Through Design

Reimagining the early education environment and pedagogy for deprived areas of the South Wales Valleys

Chris Knox

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Breaking The Grid

Reforestation of Llandeilo Woodlands

Bernadette Voce

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Llandaff Intergenerational Garden & Performing Arts Centre

A Connecting Link between the Old and the New - elderly (local care homes) : youth (Cathedral school) - heritage fabric : new-built facility

Leng Yan Chow

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