Virtue Lies in the Struggle, not the Prize

The Pembroke Dock College of Engineering

James Miller

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Thematic Explorations

A School of Campanology

Explorations into the design of a Sentient Building

Paulina Konopacka

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DP4 | Atelier A Studio 2

Eisteddfod Festival Stage

Jeoffrey Baje

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DP3 | Atelier D Studio 4

Welsh Cake Kiosk | A Victorian-inspired kiosk which celebrates 'Street food' history and Welsh culture.

Sangay Dorji Wangchuk

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1 Bethesda Street

Artist Studio and Residency

Harry Risk

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An Artistic Journey Through the Re-intervention of Form

The design of a domestic artist’s residence, studio and exhibition space, interrogating a culture away from the “white wall”, traditionally seen in exhibitions today.

Jessica Moody

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Art and Craft Gallery

Gallery + Studio + Community Space


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Woolwich A Former Powerhouse - A revival of the past, to the present for the future.

Can a former 1926 industrial building be revived to celebrate a towns industrial heritage that it once beared?

Jasmit Bour

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Industrial Artist Studio in Swansea

A palimpsest of Swansea’s historic roots.

Aaron coon

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The Sgwâr – Bishop’s Palace Llandaff

Celebrating the Art of Llandaff / Llandaff Art’s Centre

Niamh Thornton

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Llandaff Concert Hall and Community Centre

An extensive scheme of performance spaces for music and dance, responding to the historic language of Llandaff

Andrew McClements

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Bishop’s Welsh Art Centre

Celebrating Llandaff’s Welsh Heritage Through Performing Arts

Lavanya Palaneer

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