Composed Upon Palace St Theatre

A Monument in 3 Acts.

Simran Lall

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Pluralism, Palaces, Parliament.

The Redefinition of post colonial identity within the 21st century: Through interventions within the Palaces of Westminster.

Junal Barboza

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Reinhabiting a Ruin

Performing Arts Centre and Urban Sustainability Hub

Rose Nicholson

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The Library of Babel

The Permanence of History in the City of Westminster. How can the existing language of Westminster be shaped by new, meaningful urban dialogues?

Nadina Bold

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Worms eye axonometric section with a cut-out piece exposing the interior of the proposal

Reliquary for the Forgotten

Can architecture question our collective memory to retell a forgotten story from the past through the alteration of meanings attached to the existing structures?

Anna Krzyzanowska

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Old Bishop's Palace Pavilion

Using Computer Generated Visuals as the Main Design Tool

Macourley James

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Thematic Explorations

A School of Campanology

Explorations into the design of a Sentient Building

Paulina Konopacka

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Bishop’s Palace Music Centre

Hub for music, education and leisure, all under one roof that wraps around the medieval walls.

Claudia Petre

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Casting New Histories

Can the reciprocal exchange between replica and authenticity provoke the anamnesis of forgotten architectural monuments?

Henry Davis

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DP4 | Atelier A Studio 2

Eisteddfod Festival Stage

Jeoffrey Baje

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Llandaff Theatre Centre

A group project, where the initial concept was further developed individually, leading to a performing arts centre for the Llandaff community situated in the historic Bishop's Palace

Vivien Neoh

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New Babylon in Wales

Experimenting an innovative live-work prototype for the Welsh Romani Artists and inspire the search for a new quotidian practice

Anson Tang

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Llandaff Performing Arts Centre

Peformance + Exhibition + Green Space

Kai Lok Amos Cheng

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The Continuity of Line

A Place of Knowledge, Respite & Opportunity

Naz Chowdhury

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Llandaff Music Centre

Music Centre

Qiuyi Zhang

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