Llandaff Arts Centre

Llandaff Arts Centre fuses visual and performance arts in a sustainable new home for the Cathedral School.

Tom Rimmington

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External perspective

Llandaff Creative Expression Hub

Phoebe Harris - Year 4 Design Work

Phoebe Harris

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1 Bethesda Street

Artist Studio and Residency

Harry Risk

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A Dip into The Open-Air Swimming Pools of Home

A Dip into The Open-Air Swimming Pools of Home: Oral History, Hometown Ethnography & The Co-Construction of Lost Space

Josh Jones

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An Artistic Journey Through the Re-intervention of Form

The design of a domestic artist’s residence, studio and exhibition space, interrogating a culture away from the “white wall”, traditionally seen in exhibitions today.

Jessica Moody

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Art and Craft Gallery

Gallery + Studio + Community Space


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Woolwich A Former Powerhouse - A revival of the past, to the present for the future.

Can a former 1926 industrial building be revived to celebrate a towns industrial heritage that it once beared?

Jasmit Bour

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The concept site plan showing the three zones of redevelopment

Shopping Shipley

Utilising and Enhancing The Existing Market Infrastructure To Revitalise The Town, and Restore a Historic Economy

Matthew Stubbs

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Llandaff Performing Arts Centre

Peformance + Exhibition + Green Space

Kai Lok Amos Cheng

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The Llandaff Concert Hall

Experience - Arches - History

Hasti Bhayani

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Cyfarthfa blast furnace- Danger keep out sign

ART504 Case Studies and Regional Work

Module Outline

Chris Whitman

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Perspective view of restaurant

Mynedfa Centre

Terroir Centre

Lydia Mannings

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Llandaff Arts

Llandaff centre for the arts

Lucy Thomas

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Cardiff Bay Historic and Cultural Education Centre

Studio 2 Library, Yr 2

Barney Johnson

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Floor plan in context

Llandaff Community Beacon

Sustainability using local materiality

Amrita Shad

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