A Stitched Community

An exploration into how a return in industry can help stitch different members and generations of a community back together.

“Architecture, like fashion, goes beyond the obvious function and utility of its creation. Following my exploration of the rural settlement, I have developed a project which seeks to bring industry back to the village, Fochriw, South Wales. In order to do this, my project focuses on fashion through architecture and the effects It can have one us.
The lack of job opportunities, as well as the lack of cultural and social freedoms in rural areas, is known to cause many young people to leave the rural in favor of cities, which are rich in opportunity. Therefore I will be producing a space to design and create fabrics from upcycled wool and I will create a piece of architecture able to stitch the community together, where they can share knowledge and skill, ideas, and designs. Ultimately, I endeavor to channel the excitement that is lurking just beneath the surface of rural areas by harnessing the energy of youth and the wisdom of age to create a dynamic and social joy that will resonate for generations.”

Contact Info:
Branwen Morus
email – MorusBT@cardiff.ac.uk

Axonometric of proposal

When the bar becomes a catwalk, the cafe is transformed into a dramatic exhibition space where the two roles of the two distinct sides of the building are entirely revered. The machinery will be still and quiet as the workshop space becomes a green room, and the exhibition space will transform into a vibrant and lively space, brought to life through fashion.