“Tactile Knowledge: Identities through Craftsmanship”

Across centuries, people’s habits and traditions have been shaping the path to define a culture’s identity. The importance of preserving these habits, particularly through craftsmanship, has become central to the development of this thesis. The project investigates the necessity of preserving craftsmanship within the contemporary scenario, with a specific focus on crafts that reflect the identity of London’s inhabitants.  Finally, the thesis proposes a scheme which would enhance the site’s historical value by augmenting its potential, and ultimately, protecting it from its decay. 

A view showing a bustling proposed building entrance, with aspects out to the docks.
An aerial view of the proposed masterplan within the urban context.
Axonometric views focusing on 3 of the main programmes within the scheme - wood, glass and textile workshops.
Details - focusing on wooden shutters, landscaping and the pond, all shown in both physical models and as 3D computer produced views.

curated by Nicholas Gerritsen