An intervention which uses collage as a form of repair whilst promoting social integration between segregated communities through art and creative development, celebrating and restoring the collective memory of place.

External view portraying the idea of familiarity and seamless integration of the new within the historic building. Celebrating and restoring the collective memory of place, former architecture and experience, re-layering them through the idea of collage seen as a form of repair informing a new narrative.

The internal courtyard creates an extension of the street-scape encouraging social integration, taking elements of positive engagement, as-found past experiences, such as the marketplace, accommodating them within the new through the present human interpretation, illustrating the idea of architecture as an abstraction of the city, dissolving the boundaries of time and physical context.

The central space, seen as a place for self-expression through art, showcases a collaged representation of the city’s social identity through the eyes of the Youth, where the flexible and versatile architecture restores past activities in a contemporary form and the internal street is seen as a journey, an element of connection with the external context.

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