Re-Occupy shifts the profit-based values emphasised in city centre development to expand to occupation as applied to nature and humans.

The proposal transforms the private developer’s vacant city of disconnect into the reoccupation of the physical, environmental, social and economic fabric. It recognises Cardiff as a water-city, embracing the reintroduction of nature and humans in the under-performing Capitol Shopping Centre, and explores varying levels of control and exposure to nature, driving the potential of atmospheres to create adaptable and flexible spaces with a programme of a water transport station, cultural centre, public forum, collaborative work and generous multifunctional spaces to represent a civic asset.

This proposal reconsiders what we value in development. It is a movement away from overplanning and over-density towards generosity and openness. It brings with it a level of optimism, employing green energy, and pollution reduction systems, optimising atmospheric performance as well as greater connectivity and a collaborative platform. But more than anything it aims to engage people and nature– supporting local ecosystems and a cleaner and greener city centre, engaging the public and becoming a site for collaboration and discussion. It attempts to offer what value-eradication city development has ignored–moving forward and adapting to the needs of the place and people… without forgetting the value of what was there before.

Birds eye view of Cardiff City Centre, hand drawn

Cardiff City Centre Study; Hand Drawing

3D printed buildings laid out on laser cut timber site model. Site Model exploring the various massing of buildings.

Site Model Displaying Vacancies and Occupation; Lasercut Timber and 3D Printed PLA (Rhino/Cura/AutoCad/Illustrator)

Site Section of the Capital Centre with zoom-ins of key detail explorations.

Nature’s Reoccupation; Section (Revit/Hand-drawing/Photoshop), Floating Pontoon Detailing (Rhino/VRay) and Bird-House Roof tiles (AutoCad/Photoshop)

‘Re-Occupy’, Ananya Suneel: 
Human Occupation and Adaptability; Basement Space Adaptation (Revit/Enscape/Photoshop/Premiere Pro)

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Curated by: Josephine Lerasle