“Intimacy with the Natural World”

Experience and attuned environments, as well as sustainable living is a focus of this thesis. The site is in Lithuania, which is a lowland country near the Baltic sea. The project brief is a Nature Discovery Centre in the middle of Seaside Regional Park which intends to connect all existing destinations of the park. The aims of the project are the following: encouraging engagement with nature; creating a stimulating fusion of education, entertainment and awareness; as well as becoming an example of sustainable design promoting renewable energy use in Lithuania. The site is ideal for experiencing the nature as within a 500m radius there is the sea, coastal cliff, dunes, deciduous forest, pine woods, and a lake with bird observation deck.

The strategy for the project is based on the idea of an architectural promenade creating a series of buildings spread out across the route through the site providing a varied experience of landscape, flora, fauna and the sea, as well as providing social gathering spaces. The architectural language for this project developed as a heavy protective base level, raised from the ground timber enclosed structure and light open structure to the top, for study and recreation in-between the tree branches.

A view showing the proximity of the proposal to the neighbouring sea.

Year-round functioning dormitories with a staircase providing a view and access to the sea.

The gathering space is to the top of the building, acting as the projects social heart. This could be a space for festivals.

Gathering space at the top is the social heart of the project. The spaces between the woods and the sea acts as a perfect place for seasonal festivals.

A section of the teaching block, where the ground floor is open to the landscape, the first floor is the main teaching space and above is an open roof deck.

Teaching Block Section: ground floor open to the landscape, main teaching at the first floor and open roof deck with a view to the sea.

This cafe is a destination point along the promenade. A cosy, warm space to be in, with views outside to the sea and pier.

Promenade destination point: a Café with a fire place with a view to the outdoor terrace, sea, and pier.

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Curated by Ellie Hardman-Cheer