History and Theory is typically at the centre of the Dissertation module, which can be explained by the difficulties conducting Dissertation research requiring, for example, labs and equipment (as in architectural science), study groups (as in psychology or sociology). A history & theory Dissertation focus is also a direct outgrowth of H&T modules taught throughout the architectural degrees. WSA’s History and Theory Research & Scholarship Group has an expertise in 20th century architecture and urban history, and in this sense well-placed to support students pursuing research into constructivism, Alexandra Road or Trellick Tower.

Dissertation Examples:

Moisei Ginzburg and Aleksei Gan. A Study of the Theory and Practice of Soviet ‘Constructivism’.

At home in Alexandra Road Estate: An enquiry into the narrative environments of the social housing scheme.

Madeleine WELLHAM
Rationalism, Fascism, and Education – A critique of the manifestation of Fascist ideology and rhetoric in Giuseppe Terragni’s infant school, the Asilo Sant’Elia, Como, 1932-1937.

Prokopis Lenas
‘Demioergoi’, historic resonance and ‘the Novel Craftsperson’ – An investigation on ‘craftsmanship’ and its contribution to architecture through the boat building activity of Renzo Piano, the ideas and processes which shape ‘The Building Workshop’ and the Tjibaou Cultural Centre in Nouméa.

Value within social housing: Exploring the connection between communities + value in relation to Trellick Tower.

Regionalism, Modernism and the Search for a National Identity in Sri Lanka, 1949-75.

Francesca HEAVER
Distorted mirror: A study into what has made Malmaison Oxford a persistent mirror space.