The elderly loneliness in the borough of Tower Hamlets is at an alarming level. The elderly population suffers from the lack of affordable houses and report critical levels of loneliness. Therefore, a new way of thinking about housing should be introduced in the area. One which breaks generational barriers. One which offers contextual amenities for the diverse population of the borough. One which integrates the elders into new social groups. This is Re-Gen.

After a thorough investigation of the site and the movements and activities of the different age groups, Arnaud’s masterplan offers ground floor and rooftop amenities which would help the elders interact and socialize with others.

Moreover, the scheme proposes a re-generation of the existing Robin Hood Gardens Estate through added facade of balconies and “winter gardens”.


Arnaud explored multi-generational “moments” which would inform the project and the interactions happening between the generations. This led to the creation of clusters of shared amenities which creates these multi-generational interactions.