A vital aspect in designing mega-buildings is the critical understanding of generic environmental systems and performance of buildings in a global perspective. The need for the full integration of building systems in the design process is crucial. Thus, understanding the design of structural systems, vertical transportation, Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems, and fire safety engineering are essential in this module. Studying the combination of artificial lighting with daylight and mechanical with natural ventilation that aim to decrease the building energy consumption is crucial to ensure low carbon delivery of high rise buildings. Building integrated renewable energy technologies in mega-buildings are investigated as a practical and viable solution for the supply of energy and mitigating the building carbon footprint. The module highlights structural and construction systems associated to large-scale building typologies. It reviews the integration of passive design and the effects of wind as important aspects in environmental systems of large buildings. It also studies and explores the cutting edge, innovative façade technologies introduced in contemporary sustainable mega-buildings such as smart facades. The module aims to highlight the significance of providing a comfortable environment for occupants of mega-buildings through appropriate methodologies and approaches to the sustainable design of fabric and integrated service systems.