“As we were wandering around the streets of Barcelona in search for a delight of a design or of the Spanish cuisine, we not only got closer to each other but it enabled us to broaden our perspectives on what architecture can mean.”

Zsófi Veres

The study trip to Barcelona allowed us to engage with various styles of architecture through exploration, sketching and discussion, guided by our studio tutors. It was an invaluable experience that will immensly benefit and enrich our own architectural projects.

Andrew McClements

The Barcelona trip was such a great experience! It was really enlightening to experience a new city not just as a tourist but as an architecture student, and see so many new things you’d otherwise easily miss!

Chris Adams

Barcelona Trip was a lovely break from our usual study routine. It was more than just change of surroundings, it became an opportunity to appreciate outstanding and diverse architecture given skills we acquired in first term”

Aleksandra Banas