Llandaff Fine Arts Centre

The ambition of this proposal was to create a journey of discovery: a reflective experience that reconnects the historical context of Llandaff’s cathedral to the freedom of the given site, through this almost forgotten path. It has been designed as a project that preserves the strong rural surroundings while creating a subtle environment for the art culture to thrive.

Main pedestrian entrance into arts centre.

The main entrance into the arts centre

Combining the historic response with the overarching framing brief has formed comprehensive concepts that drive the proposal’s design.
‘A journey of discovery through a series of threshold and frames’

As an initial design task, I have planned a series of interventions to delineate the path that runs from the cathedral to the Site.
The interventions are either a threshold or a frame:

Threshold: A heavyweight element that sits in the land, delineating the route the users takes.

Frame: A lightweight element that is cast over the land, framing the surrounding as well as the users on their journey.

The user’s journey of discovery through thresholds and frames continues as they arrive at the arts centre. The build-up of architectural density emphasises the journey taken by the user and the balanced sense of arrival into the gallery.

The users move through a series of progressive art galleries, their route determined by dominant walls, thresholds and a hierarchy between levels. Each space has been designed to appropriately frame not just the art but the users as well, creating an environment that importantly increases the interaction between people and art.

Journey of Discovery

Cathedral Start
Gallery Entrance
Centre Courtyard
Lower Gallery
Upper Gallery
Third Space
Journey End
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Atmospheric collection of journey through proposal

Work created by James Miller:

Email: millerja1@cardiff.ac.uk

Instagram: miller_architecture