“Make Yourself at Home, Inside and Outside”

My thesis started with a question ‘When do you feel at home in a city?’

The sense of being at home occurs not only when you are residing in a safe and comfortable environment where you call ‘home’, but also exist, and should co-exist in the urban setting outside the physical boundary of private shelter.

Royal Docks

In Royal Docks, Docklands Light Railways (DLR) is a common thread that connects across the site. It is almost a half-finished structure waiting to be occupied. My proposal is to make use of this space under DLR to enrich the journey from the city to one’s home.


Unlike megastructure projects of the past, the act of placemaking is predominantly done by the occupants with their own choice of building materials and window types for increased social interaction and flexible usage. When joined together, a collective of micro business owners collaborate together to serve wider activities than a single unit could achieve.

A view of how the open market development slots in below the main road networks.
An axonometric view highlighting the building programmes available along the slim site.
An axonometric focusing on storage within the bookshop, looking at seating, book storage and displays.
A view of the open market development, showing aspects of landscaping and differing levels.

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