Year 2

This year has been full of surprises for everyone at WSA, and Year 2 is no exception.

Semester 1 focussed on housing across all modules, and studios variously focussed on social and affordable housing, live-work units, housing for younger and older people, and homelessness in Cardiff. Proposals were imaginative, and engaged with social as well as architectural issues.

In Semester 2, the six studios making up Year2 developed designs for libraries, places of respite, performance spaces, youth and community centres, schools of design, and fine art galleries. While all of this work was underway, the Covid19 virus suddenly spread, changing overnight the way we needed to live – and work.

On the centenary of the Bauhaus, we worked in teams to develop ideas for a sustainable chair with ‘truth to materials’ as an axiom. A panel of judges selected two designs, which were fabricated by teams of Year1 and Year2 students within this year’s vertical studio.

Over the summer we developed a wide range of submissions for the Beebreeders Microhome competition and while we didn’t pick up any prizes, there were some great ideas in the making.

Despite dramatic changes, Year2 maintained remarkable energy, enthusiasm and professionalism, to produce a thoughtful, imaginative and sensitive body of work. Some of their work is captured here. We hope you enjoy it.