Year 3

Year 3 is the culmination of years 1 & 2, giving students the opportunity to choose from a wide number of design units. In the year 19/20 there has been a highly diverse range of units, 12 in total, covering a wide breadth of architecture.

With a focus on the islands of Britain and Ireland, this year’s units have been occupied with the urban, rural, political, social, economic, environmental and poetic. From large to small scale projects, the outcome has resulted in interventions from rural Fochriw in south Wales, to Clones a border town in south Ireland, East to West Belfast, Bristol, Whitchurch Hospital Cardiff, seaside towns of Swansea and Margate, to city scale projects in Tottenham and Regents Canal. Each of the units is underpinned by the ethos of the WSA.

Unit tutors are drawn from practice and from the school, with students selecting their unit of choice at the beginning of the year following the design briefs set by each unit team.

The work that has resulted from this year’s units is tectonically rich and rigorous in research. We applaud the students response to the challenging conditions in which they have been working which is exemplified by a body of work that is ambitious and thought provoking.

Michael Corr, Chair of Year 3

Year 3 at the Welsh School of Architecture