Year 1

Year 1 is a very special year for all students of architecture. It is the year that cultural, social, political, ethical and aesthetical considerations of design reveal themselves, and shape a complex network of references where intuition, criticality and creativity can thrive.  The WSA-ondisplay WordPress offers glimpses to this within and beyond school learning experience. We hope you enjoy revisiting it, as much as we did.

In WSA, these troublesome encounters with multiple design factors are pedagogically managed through situated ways of learning. Situated both within the safe environment of our design studios, workshops and lecture theatres, the spaces where trial and experimentation, successes and failures are reviewed with relief. But also beyond them, into the broader socio‐cultural and geographical context in which our school is embedded. All Year 1 modules benefit from these instances of introverted and extroverted learning. We believe that the multiple and diverse cross-overs of these boundaries give life to a range of complex, intuitive, ethical and aesthetical design responses.

Interested in how first year was for us?

Click and listen to us summing up our architectural adventures!

First year at the Welsh School of Architecture was an unforgettable experience, not only because of how it ended but also thanks to experiences that we have gained. After joining WSA, we quickly realized it is more than just a place where you gain skills and show your work. It is a place where you meet amazing, passionate individuals who quickly become your friends. It’s a community of inspirational lecturers, tutors and students who all form a unique and supportive community. Hours in studios, many interesting lectures, a collaborative vertical studio with second year students and our study trip to Barcelona will all stay remembered for a long time.