The Dynamic Landscape

The modern management of fields, forests, hedgerows, and cultivated crops, but also of the settlements will be needed for the regulation of the water during this period of dryness. In another way, new sustainable and diversify of farming systems are mandatory as re-connecting crop and animal production to close nutrient cycles; recycle biomass, optimize and close nutrient cycles and reduce dependence external inputs; improve soil conditions, in particular improving organic matter content and biological activity of the ground; minimize resource losses by managing the micro-climate, increasing soil cover, water harvesting. The agro-ecology is an all process between the fertile soil, the cultivated plants, the livestock and the farmer, an all balance that needs to be read through different scales: the territory, the farm, the plot and all as one. How can we appreciate the territory and explore the various possibilities to welcome climate change cautiously?

The Elan Valley is properly known for its tourism; the specific situation of this project would allow us to not only impact the population of the villages or the one from Rhayader, but also the numerous tourist who are coming every year for hiking, cycling, or coming to discover the wild flora. This project represents a social connection between diverse populations. It has to efficiently be on a strategic point with easy accesses with the other farms but also near the principal road to allow the public to come and have the possibility to discover this transition farm and how it can impact their beliefs.

With this project, the implantation represents paramount importance. The Elan Valley has different climate parameters to take into consideration to minimise resource losses by managing these micro-climates. The wind and the water can be very damaging elements for the crops or the well being of the animals but has to be considered to increase soil cover significantly. However, if we take into consideration the desire for a new production method, the in-between the desire of becoming a “positive energy building”, new infrastructures will become a necessity.

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