Creative Shelters is a 1st Design Project, we were asked to design a very personal space, the shelter of a creative individual: a writer’s retreat, a photographer’s studio, or a musician’s refuge. Located in nature and next to river Taff.

These spaces were expected to serve at least three aims:

  • creative shelters, isolating and protecting the creative agent from the surrounding enviromental conditions
  • interpretive shells helping creative agents to reconnect and explore the river and its surroundings in innovative ways
  • sensorial labs, extensions of their creative bodies and amplifiers of their sensorial capacities, which boost creative skills and feed them with inspiration.

Text based on WSA: AD1 autumn handbook 2019-20


Our First Crit

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Final Designs

In all cases, shelters established a threshold between creative agents and nature, a controlled passage and boundary that allows them to re-position themselves and feeds their creativity.