The scheme uses a layered engagement approach through international dining and participatory arts combined with services for refugees, that aim to create social cohesion between the locals and newly arrived refugees in Belfast. The primer explores the concept of a table as a space for gathering and security; thus, the scheme uses manifestations of a terrazzo ‘table’ throughout the site to create such spaces.

Surrounded by the market on both sides, this space shows the central void between the old and new; providing the opportunity for views towards the table, food stalls, participatory arts and the roof garden from the main staircase

The staircase actively breaks through an existing opening and wraps around the derelict gable wall to reach the roof level, which leads to a roof garden.

 The roof garden is enclosed by the walls of the derelict building and offers a protected green space in the city centre. The market continues up to this level and is complemented by a polished terrazzo bar table, which sits under existing openings.

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