Designers can design some public areas and facilities like chairs or cafe
bar in the mid-rise public housing . It can improve communication between neighbours.

Communication In The Mid-rise Public Housing

Alexander thinks that the corner grocery plays an essential role in any healthy neighborhood:partly because it is just more convenient for individuals;partly because it helps to integrate the neighborhood as a whole. In the death and life of great American cities,Jacob think that the shops may promote the contact,which it can increase the trust of the city
Therefore,we will design different shops in different houses,people may remodel they house as shops.Different blocks may have different
shops,shops site more flexible ,which may promote the people’s contact. (

Consideration of commercial distribution
Expansion strategy

Vacant houses could accommodate the output facilities which are generated by the university core. These facilities could link with the three university cores as a network through the participation of local people and students.

University network concept model analysis
Process of property development

The small public square in the middle is 20m x 15m. Houses with 1, 2 beds are available in fixed units and houses with 3 4 or more beds are available in variable units. No matter what people’s housing needs are, mix block can change the ratio of housing types by changing the variable apartment type, thereby better meeting the housing needs of residents. Residents in this block would be mixed in income level, and family size.

Master plan for the Gas Works site
One block vision