The Center for Border and Landscape Interpretation

The Center for Border and Landscape Interpretation is a manifestation of the alternative arrangements formed in and around the border area of Clones. This Center is a point in the National Border Trail which is being proposed as part of the project. 

Conceptual Exploration
Conceptual Exploration

The site itself demonstrates the ambiguity which surrounds the border and the forms it takes on in response to human interaction. The border weaves through the land and architecture in the form of a stream along with the three arrangements of architecture accommodating research, the local community and the border trail. This offers alternative experiences of the border area observed through different perspectives and by the various groups of people.

Cross section through the intervention
Cross Section

All three aspects tie into my early research and work in exploring the border; interacting with the landscape on foot, connecting with the community around the border and sampling the border with a scientific approach. The phenomenon of these three aspects coexisting and intertwining through architecture provides a unique experience of the Irish border.

Internal Visual
Interior view

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