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Conceptual visualisation

The design aims to capture the dynamic beauty of the river which contrasts with the monolithic interior of the gallery, in which the artwork provides the narrative.
Finding the perfect balance between the building being in the background of the art, or in conjunction becoming the art.

Site Plan

The art gallery focuses on spaces that create the ideal environment for the interaction of people and art in the riverside location of Llandaff. Within doing so creating a space that showcases 7 pieces of artwork, bringing the community together in this creative hub.

Proposal Sections

The scheme focuses on the use of material to create this finished vis a vis unfinished quality to the design. Additionally, the art gallery embeds itself into the landscape, changing the man-made riverbank.

Strategic diagram showing proposals relationship to river levels

Through this project I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone and put concept at the forefront, creating a strong narrative of the project, whilst maintaining a sensitivity of the site.

Axonometric and plan drawings showing proposals connection to conceptual narrative

Pushing myself to design a project that would benefit the community on a deeper level, then just providing a space for art pieces. Furthermore creating a platform in which young artists can grow from, encouraging them to take part in art subjects.

Path of the Upcoming

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Work provided by Bernadette Voce.

Email: voceb@cardiff.ac.uk

Instagram: bernievoce