“One Central Tower: The Portal to Wales”

To meet the challenges of the 21st century, buildings must be efficient, adaptable and embrace new technologies. As architects, it is our duty to find new ways to minimise impact on the world.

One central tower combines two of my greatest passions. Sustainability and technology. It focuses on exploring ways of using readily available computational techniques to find inspiration to create a building which engages with people. Understanding the user’s needs creates high quality experiential architecture which has a positive impact on people’s lives both in the present and the future.

One Central Tower is designed using evolutionary optimisation, (structural and solar), CFD analysis and Virtual Reality to derive architectural form as a sustainable and structural strategy. This creatively integrates innovative geometries with new technologies and novel materials.

Located at the heart of Cardiff, One Central Tower will be the new gateway to the capital of Wales.

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An aerial visualisation depicting One Central Tower in Cardiff with context.

One Central Tower Aerial Visualisation

A visualisation of the atrium space within the tower.

Atrium Visualisation

A visualisation of the day and night lounge on the 20th Floor.

Day and Night Lounge Visualisation

A visualisation of the main lobby on the ground floor.

Main Lobby Visualisation

A visualisation of the restaurant bar on the 20th Floor with breathtaking views towards the city centre.

Restaurant Bar Visualisation

A structural axonometric showing the flooring systems used throughout the building, with details focusing on the suspended ceiling, the connection between the exoskeleton and the floor through a bullnose, and the floor structure which consists of optimised floor beams.

Structural Axonometric

A visualisation of the new skyline of Cardiff depicting One Central Tower.

One Central Tower Skyline Visualisation

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