The Printworks

The Printworks was formed from an innate understanding of the Industrial Climate of Brantwood Road and wider Tottenham – an industrial hub which has been relegated to the outskirts of London. The Printworks aims to reintegrate the industrial back into central society, and give the consumer a connection and insight into the making of print. Exploring the effects of mass production on waste and dilution of originality has allowed the building to comment on the relationship between the original and its copies. It caters for a system which thrives on original design, celebrating this in both its programme and architectural dialogue.

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The Printworks

The metal cladding used for the Printworks was inspired my the metallic components of printing machinery used in the lithographic printing press, accompanied by the original prolific use of aluminium structure in standardised industry buildings. It was this engagement with the process of print which inspired me to layer different types of metals in order to create a more refined expression, illustrating what the industrial building has the potential to be.

Portfolio Excerpts

Final Model of the Printworks



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