“Hedonistic Ambiguity”

The vision for the Royal Docks is to become London’s centre of economy, with multiple areas currently being under development. The new proposals, however, are aimed to attract big corporations and arguably neglect the existing demographics and skills of the local people. To be more specific, the Royal Albert Dock is currently being developed to what will become home for businesses from Asia, looking to reach new markets in Europe and for European companies seeking to do business with them and expand into the Far East. This manifesto aims to introduce a relatively new perspective on how the industrial environment in the Royal Docks can be developed to maximize the potential of the local people. The goal is to establish a strong sense of community, incorporating the operations of the new industries arriving on the site with the people who are currently living in the surrounding areas.

A before and after image of the docks as a vast wasteland, with the potential to be a bustling community full of people and greenery.
A ground floor plan of the scheme, showing the placement of the individual buildings and their proximity to the waters edge.
A view looking towards the rest of London, with the proposal in the foreground.
A view looking away from the rest of London, with the proposal in the foreground.

curated by Nicholas Gerritsen