This project aims to make people aware of their common past and participate in their collective memory in Ruthin, nurturing community activity while acting as a monument to regional identity. Tradition should not be abandoned. Where traditional methods are not met by the contemporary need, one is to find a way to carry on the principle itself. This is innovation. When new methods replace old, a place is designed that can be replicated anywhere in the world, leading to loss of place and “identity”.

A diagrammatic section of the proposed building focusing on different construction methods and materials that could be of use.
A view towards the proposed scheme from the public realm. This space can be used communally for events and festivals - as the image shows, or as an outdoor cinema.
An elevation of the proposal, where a number of materials are layered in order to not only bring focus to the different methods of construction, but also to reduce the buildings overall scale.
An exploded axonometric view breaks down the buildings construction and build-up.

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Curated By: George Morgan