Fresh Air Market

The Fresh Air + Food Market proposes both public and private immersive experiences. The concept of the proposal revolves around sustainability and re-connection with water. Re-connection happens through the element of wind – curtains create a dynamic environment while filtering the air at the same time. Further exploring the sensual part of architecture, I introduce pollen and/or nectar-rich climbing plants that provide the seasonally changing aspect of scent in spaces.

Axonometric View

A market in such a place would benefit the neighbourhood. Fresh food markets are being ranked to be the second most valuable public service after libraries. Comparing Barcelona, the city so known for its markets, to London, the latter has only very few of them. Commercial areas sitting close by encouraged me to create more public spaces that don’t scream capitalism! A combination of a pleasant communal activity and public spaces lets the area breathe.

Section AA’ Through the Market

The market unites fresh food selling and commercial boat hosting. The docks for the boats are used for both loading the local produce that has been transported via the Regent’s Canal and for the selling of goods.

West Elevation. Vines Flourishing in Summer
East Elevation
Honey Selling Atrium
Night Time Perspective from the Regent’s Canal

The curtains turn into a structure – a wave – symbolizing the movement of water and forming a healing environment. The structure becomes pollution-absorbing architecture.

Honey Collection

Ground, First and Roof Plans;
Food Markets in London; Climate Restrictions; Fabric Ribbons Moved by Wind