Vertical Co-Living

Looking toward the future, I envision a stronger sense of unity among people who share living spaces together. Co-living is the term used to describe a new concept of  intentional community providing shared living spaces for like-minded people to live, play, and experience life together. 

Designing the way people live can create the opportunity to rethink-remodel the social interactions between people.

My proposal for the comprehensive project is a response to the current housing accommodation which divides people in multi-generational categories that leads to a fragmented collective. Vertical  Co-living explores the collision of two generations in a modern architectural setting filled with nature that places developing social relations at it’s center through every “corner” of the skyscraper. 

Co-living is achieved at 3 scales in 3 phases:

1) Phase 1 – Macro Scale // Neighbourhood social condensers // connect residents with their neighbours

2) Phase 2 – Meso Scale // Inter-generational condensers // connect residents with residents

3) Phase 3 – Micro Scale // Internal condensers // connect flatmates with flatmates 

Each scale seeks to enhance and create a connection within its realm through social condensers to immerse into a fully socially integrated environment.

The future is interlinked with sustainability which becomes the core-concept of the design process. Sustainable strategies revolve around making use of renewable energy resources such as the rainwater (natural resource – London weather) and the canal water (Regent’s canal // contextual resource). 

Both rainwater and canal water have the role to supply for the irrigation system of the sky gardens and for flushing toilets. Additionally, the canal water is extracted for filtration to be used for the geothermal HVAC system pond/lake loop.

Transparent photovoltaic panels (perovskite-silicon tandem cells) are installed on the roof and on the South facade to generate electricity for the heating and cooling system.

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