Archival Landscape

Observations across our archival landscape resulted in a spatial manifesto driven towards cyclical preservation, specifically of the symbiosis between the man-made and natural environments. My first semester work developed a building typology aimed towards its growth and construction on site.

A drawing of the Tree Protection Orders and the human archival system.
Tree Protection Orders – Human Archival System

Cultivate + Create

Cultivate + Create proposes a platform which harvests and a creates future construction from cyclical processes. Laboratory, Office, Fablab and Incubating pods inhabit a timber portal frame which acts as a rainscreen, housing the process and production of building. Each pod is built onsite within the Fablab, utilising digital fabrication to manipulate cultivated material such as hemp into insulation, hemp-crete and hemp-fibre corrugation.

An exploded axonometric drawing showing the facility for cultivate and create.

Exploded Axonometric of Whitchurch Cultivate + Create

Following the ethos from my manifesto, the programme and construction of the facility grows over time. The construction begins in the conversion of the existing workshop to a FabLab. Following this: ‘Cultivate and Create’, a private space where research into future material and the building of these structural experiments can take place. Then finally: ‘Cultivate and Learn’, a public zone where the education and exhibition of these construction experiments can happen.

A perspective image of the interior of the facility, showing the machinery, brickwork and new structure.
Interior Perspective of FabLab

Overtime the cultivation of building will continue, creating an incremental place, littering the landscape with building experiments, guiding the public into the wilderness North West of the site. The academics of the UK will travel to Whitchurch to broaden their knowledge of innovative construction material, experiencing the cultivation and creation extracted from the surrounding landscape.

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