Project aims is to fix the spatial and social division between the inner city and the outskirts. Rebalancing the pedestrian experience and reprioritising the pedestrians to reconnect sailortown by transforming and repairing the urban voids created by the ideological and political decisions taken in the past. Choosing Sailortown and the space underneath the motorway as a gateway to the city and a place to reflect upon memory, change and repair. Creating a new urban vision and a meeting point for the community of Sailortown.

Landscape as a memorial to the forgotten roots
By extracting the footprint of the historical roots and buildings that were situated on the site before the construction of the motorway

Community center – It’s facade is in commemoration of sailortown, the ceramic printed glass represents different images of important people and memories of the dock life.

Library and train stop – Adding a new train stop to the already existing railway encouraging the use of public transport instead of cars

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