The following PGR students successfully defended their theses during the academic year 2020-21:

Kenan Zhang

Thesis: ‘An Affordable Nearly-Zero-Energy Townhouse Prototype for China’s Future Low-Carbon Housing: Real-case Validation in the Suburban Area of Xi’an City’

Supervisors: Prof. Phillip Jones & Dr Vicki Stevenson

Noor Aalhashem

Thesis: ‘Applying Vernacular Design Principles of Iraqi Residential Buildings as an Approach to Low Energy Design: Baghdad as a case study’

Supervisors: Dr Julie Gwilliam & Dr Vicki Stevenson

Catrin Maby

Thesis: ‘Enabling the integration of energy improvements into mainstream home repair, maintenance and improvement practice in the UK’.

Primary Supervisor: Dr Julie Gwilliam

Co-supervisors: Dr Simon Lannon & Prof Malcolm Eames

Alicia Nahmad-Vazquez

Thesis: ‘Robotic Assisted Design: A study of key human factors influencing team fluency in human‐robot collaborative design processes’

Primary Supervisor: Dr Wassim Jabi

Duaa Al Maani

Thesis: ‘Exploring Transition Toward Independent Learning: Student Experiences in the First Year of Architecture School’

Primary Supervisor: Dr Andrew Roberts

Anas Lila

Thesis: ‘Urban fabrics as a tool of urban performance mitigation: Algorithmic approach for bridging building geometry with urban performance optimization’

Supervisors: Dr Simon Lannon & Dr Wassim Jabi

A big thank you to the supervisory teams and all those that offered support, including viva chairs; internal examiners; interim and annual review panel members; the research office, as well as colleagues and peers that provided critical friendship along the way.