Archiving Architecture

The Whitchurch refurbishing facility aims to archive the existing local architecture by celebrating its’ characteristics and making it useful for a sustainable future.

An Overview of Fabrication Process as an axonometric drawing.
Overview of Fabrication Process

In the unstable nature of today’s world we need to aim towards a sustainable way of expanding our activities that takes into account the limited resources our planet has. As such, we need to focus on creating more with less and one way to do this is by harnessing the wasted byproducts of existing processes and expand without using new materials.My project is built to do exactly this by learning from the architectural language of the Whitchurch Hospital and the surrounding area, a prime example of the expansion of the British suburban city in the early 20th century. By carefully dismantling the hospital and saving materials that can be later refurbished and put to use, the scheme gradually builds itself up using a modular system, inspired by some of the architectural elements on site, which allows for flexibility and ease of use.As the demolition processes begin, the new scheme establishes a hybrid approach, whereby the aim is to start producing modules before the hospital’s demolition process is finished. Afterwards, the complete scheme turns towards other demolition processes in the wider area and in this way it will follow the architectural lessons of its’ context and continue the former hospital’s spiritual function, acting as a medical facility for architectural elements and characteristics, in a way.

An Exterior Perspective showing people working on site and the stone workshop in the back.
Exterior Perspective
An Interior perspective showing the exposed steel trusses and inside kilns.
Interior Perspective
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