Christopher Knox
Ka Wong
Eleonora Constantinou
Mathew Stubbs
Rhiannon Thomas
Paulina Konopacka
Alexander Hargreaves
Nadya Angelova
Hannah Cummings


Project Manager
Urban Designer
Cost Manager
Community Engagement
Structure & Operations
Environmental Services
Landscape / Heritage Designer

Ground Floor Plan
First floor plan

Our vision – raising aspirations and empowering the community

Through conversation with community leaders, it is clear the immense pride and passion they have in the areas rich heritage, cultivating the potential of the local youth and promoting aspirational thinking for the local area in terms of health, education and support.

The Colonnade at day and night

A gateway to develop a multi-generational space that will foster positive local encounters, provide support for local families and showcase the immense pride felt by the community of Ely and Caerau, in regards to sporting achievement and heritage.

Section perspective

A -landmark civic structure in the area, to strengthen connections with other initiatives whilst also providing additional services and spaces that can be shared with the wider community.

Improving links with the university through education will encourage a more dynamic symbiotic relationships between the community and higher education.

Bowling green
Internal view from the bridge
Environmental logic
Structural logic

Stage 3 Booklet