Alex Morgan
Anna-Maria Tzaneva
Rebecca Jenkins
Henry Davis
Lina Muhemmed
Nadina Bold
Sebastian Valencia Cortes
Thomas Rose


Project Manager
Cost Manager
Community Engagement
Landscape Designer
Structure and Services
Urban Designer
Environmental Consultant

Food as a catalysts


The project aims to explore the relationship between the existing communities that revolve around Trelai Park and growth of natural produce. Food will be the catalyst and we aim to ingrain it in the development and design of the scheme Through the use of allotments and polytunnels, fruit ad vegetables can be grown year round; these can the be harvested and used to make meals in the proposed cafe for the many different community groups. Sowing the ideas of healthy eating at the heart of the project will help to cultivate and nourish the community. This will make for a happier and healthier future for Trelai Park, Caerau and Ely and the communities this project works to serve.

Ground floor plan
Cafe visualisation
Courtyard visualisation
Bowling green
Trelai Park Design

Stage 3 Booklet