The Ensemble Line

Theatre Elevation

The Ensemble line is located in a social gap in Swansea, on the site of an industrial railway yard. The railway yard was at the heart of Swansea’s industrial boom, but is now a barrier between residents, industry, and the wider landscape. The Ensemble Line takes the process of assembly usually applied to an object or component and applies it to theatre, dissecting it into its individual components, enabling the talent and creativity of the production to become as much of an experience as the performance itself. By putting what is usually concealed at the forefront of the scheme I hope people will be more aware and appreciative of the fact that everyone’s role is essential.

Site Timeline

It was important to tell the story of the site as it captures Swansea’s Transition from a place of industry to a place of leisure. The programme of my site follows the historical railway lines and the main theatre is housed within Danygraig Trainshed, reviving a key part of Swansea’s history. Letting the foliage to continue to penetrate the scheme allows the site to continue its transition from a controlled space of productivity, to a looser more relaxed space for the people of Swansea.

Cut Axonometric Costume

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