Village of Healing

In this project, Fochriw becomes the “Village of healing”, inviting people from urban areas to enjoy and appreciate the peaceful landscape.

“My aim for this year is to investigate in the relationship and connection between the nature, rural and human beings. I believe that there would be a way that urban people and rural people can benefit from each other, and I hope that peaceful atmosphere that created by peoples’ living could energize the rural environment.
My design  “Village of healing” is trying to give the urban visitors and the local people at Fochriw an opportunity to​ join together and enjoy calming times with​ the journey that leading through the local​ landscape.​ It gives urban people and the locals a peaceful corner in the world to find back balance from their busy life, and leading to a vision with hope of Fochriw in the following years in the future. I am wishing the local nature essence could be realized and remembered by every person who visited this designed space.”

“When you see the nature as treasure, you are​ already part of the pleasure.”

Contact info:
Motao Wang

Jewel of Fochriw, when people arriving​ Fochriw they could firstly suprised by the building language with landscape.

Illustrations shows interactions between rural people and urban people, also between people and landscape.

Section with landscape background, towards west. Illustrates the public and visitors activities and interactions with landscape, under natural sunset.
Section-Thermal Bath
Shows activity in different functional spaces and interactions with the river.
Also illustrates visitors’ private routes from their accommodations.
Central garden, the central lively gethering point of the public and visitors.