The recent Covid-19 emergency, the BLM uprising in the US and international protests and other issues have overshadowed the unresolved housing crisis that has plagued the UK in the last years. Identifying the means of producing affordable housing, developing citizen participation in control of their neighbourhoods, enhancing community – increasingly, these very different issues have become intertwined within the larger pursuit of the Just City. WSA students have used the Dissertation as an opportunity to develop the understanding of the hurdles and barriers to the creation of a more equitable city.

Dissertation Examples:

Epameinondas BOUMPOULIS
The Fun Palace Reconsidered – Its role in the architectural context of the ‘Open City’.

The role of the architect – Social responsibility re-defined through Co-Design.

Kristan LACY
In a Localised planning agenda, are Architects suitable actors in the production and implementation of Neighbourhood Plans?: A case study of Lawrence Weston, Bristol.

Anastasija LADCENKO (Vasiljeva)
Impact of digital communication on the perception and use of physical space – Will Facebook supersede physical community spaces?

Josephine LERASLE
A tale of two Agrocité: Reinventing the urban commons – An analysis of the Agrocité as an urban common.

Katie MES
Is van dwelling a fringe lifestyle for a minority, or could it be an alternative route into affordable home ownership?

Roshni PATEL
Designing for diversity – Using multigenerational living within Indian families to explore the integration and effects of cultural diversity within UK housing design.

Third-place from Non-space. and back? – Discovering the empowerment of a community-led temporary use initiated by public-private partnership and the impact following closure.

Mitate of Japan’s Lost Minka: Adaptive reuse of vacant minka in Japan’s marginal villages.

Crisis and Cohousing: Is Cohousing a viable option to address the social impact of the UK housing crisis?

What it means to be a ‘local’?: Discovering the implications of second homes in rural communities

How the management of public spaces may contribute to an inclusive and cohesive urban environment in London.

We are the trampled – Elemental interrogations into the immediate psycho-spatial environment of the entrenched rough sleeper when binded into the peripheral margins of Cardiff’s chaotic high street setting.

User Autonomy – Towards self built informal housing.