This portfolio is a research project of Synergetic Landscapes. It mainly includes two parts, the research of Blockchain / Circular Economy and the research of personal prototype projects. The research on blockchain / circular economy in design projects is mainly to study the theory of systematic thinking. For example, systematic thinking of research results among various colleagues. Or, think about the connection between the species involved. This is a different way of thinking from traditional design. Secondly, in the research of personal prototypes, our research direction is to use the natural materials of Grangetown to make some hand-made prototypes that are beneficial to wild animals and wild plants.

In the research method, we mainly used the Gigamapping research method. It can quickly record a large number of different types of information, and find the connection between them. In addition, Gigamap also facilitates the display of design results, which can make the effect more intuitive.

In general architecture projects, the center of design is generally an architect. But in this project, we try to eliminate the center of design. This decentralized design project is conducive to let everyone actively participate in it. In addition, there are architectural design projects to pay more attention to the impact on the environment. And, you can get more aesthetic inspiration from nature.

In the project, my ability to make models in my hands has also been improved. In the past, I was more used to using computer software to complete the design. But after researching this project, I found that manual model making is also very important. Sometimes hand-made models are more creative. This is what I need to pay attention to in the future.

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