I, For One, Accept Our New Robot Overlords

Skill Development For Robot Utopia

While exploring Swansea, what really stood out to me was the Amazon warehouse. It is deliberately placed in Swansea, an area with high unemployment and low education. Amazon knows that by building a warehouse in areas like Swansea, they can easily find a large workforce where everyone is expandable. This gives the company the opportunity to demand high output from their workers without giving much back. The workers can be treated like robots, and if they complain then there’s thousands who’d gladly take their job.

I have decided to look to the future when the workers are no longer being treated like machines but instead being replaced by robots. I look at this future with optimistic eyes, where work is not a necessity like today, but instead is done for once own’s enjoyment. My project is therefore created around a leisure facility focused on skill learning and practicing, to enjoy former workers explore different activities and discover what they enjoy, and what they actually want to spend their time on. It is a space for learning, crafting, cooperating, exploring, and developing.

The project draws help from the local businesses and the local university, who can give their knowledge to the program, and find workers and new ideas from the program.

The buildings are all highly sustainable with rammed earth as the main material. This means that the building will be made by local materials and early participants in the program will be able to actually take part in the construction of the buildings. It is also possible to tear down the buildings, or part of them, and rebuild using the same earth. Certain pathways and outdoor furnishings around the site are made of natural materials that will decay, giving the materials back to the earth, and enabling future program participants to shape the program to their wants and needs.

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