The Metalworks

Aluminium processing is an industry with a truly crucial role in fabrication and high social importance. Aluminium’s unique qualities allow it to be manipulated in various ways; the methods production have a rich history and involve a complicated process with numerous steps like forming, cutting, joining and painting. Those steps, are usually split between specialised manufacturers and locations, therefore increasing the complexity and the footprint of the process.

Aluminium Processing

Brantwood Road hosts an array of different steps in the process: from flattening large aluminium coils to crafting and painting ready to use products. Those steps, following the initial stages of aluminium melting and forming, are highly appropriate for the urban scale.

View of the Astergrove Factory on Site

By providing a space which serves more than one type of aluminium production, we create an environment which simplifies the process and serves different firms at the same time, while not increasing competition between them. Businesses working besides each other, cooperating, rather than competing. The aim of the intervention is to increase integration and stimulate productivity of the businesses facilitated in the building, as well as to gather the community around aluminium in Tottenham. A gathering of specialists in the field, as well as all the equipment needed for aluminium work, creates a good environment for sharing of knowledge about aluminium, and methods of its production. To facilitate this potential, Astergrove Factory aluminium centre, consisting of small scale individual workshops as well as open workshop facilities, which will be created besides the businesses working on site. A strong community around aluminium is created, generating business opportunities for the professionals and developing this field of industry.

Interior of the Astergrove Factory

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