Thermal Evolution

Thermal Evolution, seeks to solve the problem of extreme temperature reached in an arid climate, in this case, Morocco.

Our unit’s brief emphasizes the need for sustainable, affordable and efficient construction suitable to the climate, context and culture of Morocco. Accelerating the evolution of traditional architecture, constructed of earth, by capitalising on the potential role of digital tools and the abundance of local materials.

As such, my thesis develops digital tools, to produce thermally optimised forms, responsive to their context. It develops an additive technique of sequential and consequential growth. Measuring it’s performance at each stage.
The resultant scheme proposes a form responsive to a Pottery Programme, of exhibition, creation, decoration, storage, education and residential, expressing a diversity of thermal requirements. It represents an adapted local vernacular in its use of material and technique. The use of compressed stabilised earth bricks, grounded in rammed earth and adobe construction, expresses the nature of the locality, from a lower water demand, to locally sourced resources, and a thermally effective construction focused on evolving tradition.

Additive Growth

Floor Plan

Pottery Teaching Area

Programmatic Overlay



Curated by Thomas Thwaites