The project of our unit is a building that can help intercultural in Palermo, Italy. The site I chose is Giallongo, which is located closest to the Ballaro market. The biggest reason for choosing here is that the Ballaro market gathers a variety of people, many activities take place here, and it can also be regarded as the home of their lives Part. Using this, what I hope to do is to be able to extend the area of this area and expand its functions. Let people here have more abundant activities and experiences after completing market activities.

What I have done is a multifunctional building with the theme of a puppet theater. The puppet show is an ancient stage performing art. However, it can still be used to tell historical stories in today’s performance, and it can also evolve into the expression of surrounding life stories. The two can be regarded as the process of mutual understanding between people with different historical backgrounds in the role of intercultural and the latter can be a way for people from different regions living in this area to find resonance.

In addition to the puppet theater venue, the other spaces in the building are the multi-purpose function space between the puppet studio and the surrounding people which could name shared spaces. These spaces supplement the deficiencies of the surrounding people’s usual life and function, and at a certain time or festival, these spaces can also be used flexibly (including the space of the puppet theater). Compared with the previous study, in the group of Federico instructors, Federico let me study a lot and read the relevant literature and architectural reference. Extract relevant architectural knowledge from it, and then self-summarize it and apply it to my own design. These works accounted for a very small proportion of my previous design, and now these works are to make my design more reasonable due to the help of the literature, there are justifications, and second, some references have greatly helped me in design Inspiration and details.