A theatre and public space for community cohesion through shared oral histories with the intention to initiate a positive change within transgenerational trauma

The final design retains the Garfield building, implementing it as part of the scheme and contrasting it with a new piece of architecture that promotes the interaction between the two fabrics. The versatility of the scheme provides the opportunity for further engagement with the community by re-purposing the urban void to create a positive space for interaction and discussion.

The situated artefact embodies the schematic approach of the interaction between new and old and promotes overheard discussion whilst also providing vertical forms that reflect the lighting quality of alleyways from the pre-existing urban grain of the site.

The concept for the building involved changing the narrative of the city and creating a place of reflection and repair out of Belfast’s oppressive history. This was explored by looking at the inversion of peace walls to create an open-sided public area protected by a reflective soffit underneath the cantilever of the theatre space.

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